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Healthcare/Human Services, Regulatory, and Compliance Matters

As the largest employers in the United States, healthcare and human services organizations are among the most highly regulated industries in the country.  Dowling Law provides legal, policy, and compliance services to help organizations navigate the numerous health care and human services related matters which arise inside and outside of the workplace.

We monitor state and federal updates to help you proactively prepare for regulatory developments and changes.

We can train your employees to increase their understanding of how legal and regulatory requirements apply to them.

Compliance and regulatory issues we can assist with include:

  • corporate compliance;

  • HIPAA compliance;

  • privacy and security concerns;

  • professional licensure-related matters;

  • scope of practice issues;

  • conflicts of interest;

  • patient care issues;

  • litigation mitigation and audit response strategies; and

  • COVID-19 compliance and response strategies.

Our collaborative and personalized services are strategically designed to ensure that the interests and needs of all interested parties are assessed in a holistic manner to achieve effective outcomes for our clients.  

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