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Affirmative Action

If you or someone you contract with receives funds from the federal government, you may have Affirmative Action obligations.

From Affirmative Action Plan preparation and implementation, to audit response and beyond, Dowling Law can provide you with support and guidance through every step.  Here’s a sampling of what we can do to help you through the Affirmative Action Plan process:

Plan Preparation

  • Reconcile all data files

  • Determine availability, job feeder groups, and recruitment areas

  • Prepare Impact Ratio Analysis

  • Prepare Pay Equity Analysis using multiple regression

Implementation and Review

  • Help you understand your current regulatory obligations, and keep you informed as new regulations are implemented

  • Provide guidance and direction for implementing regulations

  • Evaluate your areas of risk once plans are in place

OFCCP Audit Response

  • Prepare your audit submission

  • Guide you through requests from the OFCCP

  • Remain by your side throughout the audit

A well-prepared Affirmative Action Plan is not only vital to the successful achievement of your company’s affirmative action objectives, it is also your first line of defense. 

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