Mishka A. Woodley, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Mishka represents individuals and organizations on legal, regulatory and compliance-related matters with a special focus on health care and human services.  As a past health care professional, educator, and business professional, she believes that all decision-making requires a holistic approach to ensure that outcomes align with the client’s mission, vision, and ethos.  

For over twenty years, Mishka has woven a tapestry of interdisciplinary experience in business, education, healthcare, and law which spans both the public and private sector.  Whether teaching children with autism by day, coordinating operations for major sports and entertainment events by night, or negotiating with a government leaders, Mishka has always embraced creativity and versatility to achieve desired outcomes.

Over the past several years, Mishka worked as a government relations and regulatory attorney representing diverse for-profit and nonprofit entities in various industries by engaging legal, administrative, and legislative strategies.  Mishka facilitated negotiations with government agencies and legislative leaders regarding complex issues including the corporate practice of medicine, cannabis legalization, conflicts of interest, scope of practice, for-profit referrals, predictive scheduling, ADA compliance, Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) disclosures, and regulatory violations.

Mishka is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the Albany County Bar Association, the American Health Law Association, and the Health Care Compliance Association.  She currently serves on the New York State Bar Association’s House of Delegates and as a member of the Albany County Bar Association’s Board of Directors.  She also serves as Co-Chair of the Albany County Bar Association’s Diversity Internship Program.

Beyond the office, Mishka commits her time to family, mentorship, audiobooks, and musical performances, whenever possible.  She strongly believes in the profound value of authentic relationship building amongst diverse individuals in the workplace and beyond.  Her hope is to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities through strategic advocacy, counsel, and friendship --- one day, one issue, and one person at a time.